School Administration Block

Welcome to Edelvale Primary School

We are a mixed public primary school with a population of 700 pupils currently.All dayscholars. 

We are located in donholm area within the Edevale Sisters of charity compound.

The school has been in existence since the year 1964. Our catchment area has been soweto slums in kayole. Lately those enrolling come from as far as Tassia.

 Majority  however are still from Soweto with a small percentage coming from Donholm phase 8.



Stake Holders

These are the people who play a role in the welfare of the school.

They include:


World Vision Kenya (Soweto ADP)Edelvale TrustSchool Management …

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School Infrastracture

School  Infrastructure

The structure in the school consists of buildings for various uses namely:1.       16 …

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